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the halo experience

With our in person Halo Experience, not only will you be able to come in person to have your halos customized exactly to you, but you will be able to have your hair colored to match the halos you are purchasing. These Halo Specialists have been selected by me and trained by myself to not only fulfill your expectations of getting your color where it needs to be to match the Halos you’ve been wanting, but I have trained them in all the knowledge I’ve acquired to make these extensions match and blend perfectly.

Hey Guys Jess Hallock Here! I have been customizing temporary extensions since 2015 and own a Salon here in Gilbert, Arizona. Over the years, I’ve learned so much about how to find the best fit of extensions for clients as well as built up a wealth of knowledge and experience of all the different ways we can customize these pieces.

In 2018 I began creating a virtual experience where we would be able to consult and color match without ever seeing the client in person and then customize them in my salon to ship directly to the client. This has allowed us to reach thousands of women all over the world and grow an amazing team to be able to continue refining the art of Ensemble Hair extensions as well as perfect our Experience for our Halo community.

Meet Jess and the Ensemble Hair Team

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We know that a quality product is nothing without an experience to match and resources to have access to when you need them. These extensions will become apart of your lifestyle and we are Here for it!

Each HaloCouture piece will be Washed, Blow-dried & Styled. Based on our virtual consultation, we will then Customize the piece through Cutting and Coloring to ensure a perfect match tailored to you and your needs.

Once your Halo has been shipped out to you with all our fun essentials we include for FREE, then you will be able to join our community of ongoing support and inspiration for how to wear your Halo.

We Have been thoughtful and intentional about every step of your experience.

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The Halo 

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client testimonials

"I am in LOVE! Perfect color, the cut blends perfect!! I can't believe how natural it looks especially with working with you from a different state! It's amazing!! Thank you for all your help I love it!"  - Sarah Selin 

"I love my Halo extensions. I added a 14" layered to my collection and I am so happy with it! It helps add the volume and length I need in my life! :)
Thanks @halobyjess " - Jill Barr

"I cant get enough of my halo that I share often about from my sweetest friend @jess.hallock. It saved me this year and I love them. Perfect for the waiting game as our hair grows back in, for length and thickness!"  -Michelle Cannon

When you get your Halo, we know you’ll be just as excited to get all the things to care and style your new piece! 

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